Harvesting Business Intelligence & News

Having the right information come to you keeps you informed, gives you strategic advantages and prepares you for remaining in compliance with regulations or conventional practices.

Example uses of Snagz.net:

Create curated marketing newsletters at the click of a button based on your criteria.

Intelligent bots take your criteria and comb the web to assemble data into your custom newsletter.

You choose what to include.

A weekly version can be done within a manner of minutes.

Integrates into Google Alerts and Google Search.

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Snagz.net for maintaining compliance

Snagz.net is useful for competitive intelligence as well as being an early warning and detection system by helping your business stay informed of global markets, industry regulations or tax compliance.

Be proactive on remaining compliant as well as being informed about emerging trends in our global environment.

For example, a cross-border or multi-national corporation can track new regulations as each is officially announced.

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Snagz.net for research & information gathering

Snagz.net can also be the indispensable tool for bloggers and journalists alike.

For tech bloggers keep track of the leading edge of new developments and product releases.

Whether writing for your own blog or larger publication get the power of a newsroom workflow in your research.

Intelligent bots apply your criteria and comb the web to assemble data into your private curated newsletter.

All can be done within a matter of minutes and a few clicks to curate using your existing Google Alerts or ad hoc Google Search.

Maintaining history of prior results enables tracking of trends or niche zeitgeist reports.

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Enterprise and free offerings will be available

Deployments may be managed by us or run on-premise by your staff with options in between

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